Our selection of frames is the essence of everything that we love
The big idea creating Democratic Eyewear has always been the desire to offer exquisite design at transparent and reasonable prices.

All prices include frame, very thin lenses including 3 coatings and sight test.

We are constantly getting new cool frames in our stores. We cannot to update all on the website right away. You will find even more new frames in our stores ...

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We only sell the designs that we absolute love ourselves. 
That is why we never compromise on quality, craftmanship and materials. 

We have a wide selection of frames designed by well known fashion houses Tom Ford, Karen Walker, Cutler & Gross etc. – and from specialized  boutique brands
as Oliver Peoples, Haffmans Neumeister, Massada etc.

Common to the two categories above is that they satisfy all of our needs for 
quality, aesthetics, materials and detailed craftmanship.

As a third category we have designed our own brand – Democratic Eyewear.

Democratic Eyewear is made from the wish to bring the same strive for materials,
aesthetics, craftmanship etc as the two categories above – BUT at more democratic prices. 

At our shops and on our webshop you can buy glasses including single vision lenses
at prices starting from DKK 995,- ending at DKK 3.995,-

Glasses with progressive lenses starts at DKK 2.995,- and ends at DKK 5.995,-     

Our prices include:
– Frames
– Lenses (including 3 treatments of the lenses)
– Eyesight test

In essence, it is pretty crazy that our absolutely most expensive pair of glasses
including progressive lenses of the highest quality is only DKK 5.995,-

That’s what we call democracy.
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